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Providing nationally recognized case management software since 1993 including 2 of 12 model courts


With over 20 years in juvenile justice case management, SoftTec has the experience to help your justice agency thrive.


Our team here at SoftTec is constantly enhancing our software to make sure we deliver the best product possible.


SoftTec is continuing to expand offerings in the mobile sector to better serve our customers.


We offer customized tools and solutions tailored to meet our customer's needs.


SoftTec offers unmatched customer support including Toll-Free, onsite, and remote support just to name a few.



With over 20 years in the juvenile justice case management business offering solutions from the east coast to the west coast, SoftTec has the experience to help your justice agency become efficient and successful in information management.

From simple to the most complex needs, SoftTec has the expertise and solutions to assist. Working with court administration, facility superintendents, probation administrators, clerks, and jurists, SoftTec has built a wealth of flexibility into our solutions. Once you tap into these features, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to operate without them.




Enter cases and easily track information such as referral reasons, motions, attorneys, and all case types from delinquency to parentage, traffic or dependency. Our Case Management solution also allows you to easily track attorneys and other parties related to the case.


Easily store and track a wealth of information on Juveniles from information unique to the Juvenile such as name, DOB, School information and Images to personal information regarding family members, contacts and the relationship to the Juvenile.


Our document storage allows you to indicate which reports or forms may be stored at your request. You may also scan in or attach images to Notes, Docket Entries, and directly into the Document Storage module. Our Document Viewer module is a "flip book" of all the documents per case. A simple and easy way to view all documents at once.


Multiple modules are available to assist you in assessing the juvenile in your care, from simple screenings to risk assessments to a customizable assessment tool. You'll have the tools and information you need at your fingertips. The customizable assessment tool allows you to create your own assessments including the questions, answers and format. Answers may be multiple choice, fill in the blank, multiple selections, date/time, and free-form notes.


The Financial Tracking feature of JCS provides a fully-integrated solution for working with ordered costs, processing payments, printing receipts, releasing and forfeiting bonds, processing daily closeouts, managing deposits, processing checks, performing end-of-period options and much more. Financial Tracking fully integrates with Case Filings and Case Actions so that when an event has an associated cost, the finance record is automatically generated in Financial Tracking and when paid, automatically creates disbursements.


The residential and detention component of JCS is everything a placement facility needs. Easily track a large amount of detailed information such as Juvenile Admission & Release Information, Room Checks, Meal Counts, Medical & Medicine Information, Incoming & Outgoing mail and telephone calls just to name a few! Keep up with all behavior activity, group activity, major incidents and all other log data in an efficient manner.


The Supervision module allows you to track all the pertinent information to keep up with the probationers for whom you are responsible. Easily manage a single Probation Officer's case load or work with all probationers within a specific unit. Reassign caseloads from one Probation Officer to another and track juveniles or adults on various types of probation with individual rules of probation.


The service module allows you to track all services ordered or assigned to individuals. These include community service, counseling, drug court, classes, as well as all other types of programs. You control providers, programs, and services as well as start and end dates, termination status, wait lists and schedules.


We offer a range of reporting options including hundreds of standard reports and forms from which to choose as well as custom reports and documents. With our flexible reporting you have the ability to produce any reports you need inside the system or with the ad hoc report writer options.


"SoftTec's personal touch, attention to detail, integrity and competence have helped us manage a great deal of information efficiently. We recommend them without reservation when it comes to crafting information systems in the justice field."

Project Management Professional

"I can truly say that we have enjoyed our business relationship with SoftTec. They go the extra mile, continue to work to improve the product and willingly accept suggestions from their users. The product itself has been very beneficial to our day-to-day certification audits. It it with no hesitation that I happily recommend their service."

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