From Small to Large Courts, Detention Facilties or Probation Offices, SoftTec offers fully customizeable solutuons based on your unique needs. Take a look at just a few of the solutions that we have for you. Call us today to discuss what else we have in store for you, and set up a free demonstration!

Court-Based Solutions - JCS

Juvenile Demographics

Easily store and track a wealth of information on Juveniles from information unique to the Juvenile such as name, DOB, School information and Images to personal information regarding family members, contacts and the relationship to the Juvenile. 

Case Management

Enter cases and easily track information such as referral reasons, motions, attorneys, and all case types from delinquency to parentage, traffic or dependency. Our Case Management solutuon also allows you to easily track attorneys and other parties related to the case.

Case Actions and Hearings

Our Case Actions solution allows you to create hearings related to previously entered cases. Using this solution, you can record dispositions for one, or multiple charges, record actions executed by the Judge/Magistrate, and record hearing attendees. 

Assessment Tools

Multiple modules are available to assist you in assessing the juvenile in your care, from simple screenings to risk assessments to a customizable assessment tool. You'll have the tools and information you need at your fingertips. The customizable assessment tool allows you to create your own assessments from the question to the answers. Answers may be multiple choice, fill in the blank, multiple selections, date/time, and free-form notes.

Statistical Reporting

Use JCS reporting features located throughout JCS to generate statistical reports or court documents related to a case or juvenile. Use the built-in JCS reports, add your own forms and reports and create ad hoc reports with SoftTec's custom report generator tool. All of which will allow you to gain the necessary output from our robust database.  

Financial Tracking

The Financial Tracking feature of JCS provides a fully-integrated solution for working with ordered costs, processing payments, printing receipts, releasing and forfeiting bonds, processing daily closeouts, managing deposits, processing checks, performing end-of-period options and much more. Financial Tracking fully integrates with Case Filings and Case Actions so that when an event has an associated cost, the finance record is automatically generated in Financial Tracking. 

Clerking Functions 

JCS provides a full array of offerings for clerks including flexible case number assignments, optional use of family files, automatic docket entries, service documents, scheduling, hearing notices, court dockets, document imaging, payment tracking, credit card processing, complete transaction auditing, document imaging and e-filing.

Document Management Solutions

Our document storage allows you to indicate which reports or forms may be stored at your request. You may also scan in or attach images to Notes, Docket Entries, and directly into the Document Storage module. Our Document Viewer module is a "flip book" of all the documents per case. A simple and easy way to view all documents at once.

Electronic Courtroom

SoftTec's Electronic Courtroom is the ultimate in cutting-edge technology for optimum efficiency in your courtoom. The Electronic courtroom connects the jurist and clerk or baliff allowing screen sharing and collaboration. Immediatley following the hearing, generate a professional, customized court entry signed with a biometric fingerprint signature. Following your approval, docket entries are automatically generated and fines, fees, and restitution are available for the clerk to accept immediate payment.The entry is automatically imaged and available for distribution or electronic review. 

Detention Facilities 

JCS Detention

JCS Detention is everything that a detention center needs. Easily track a large amount of detailed information such as:

  • Juvenile Admission/Release Date
  • Room Checks and Meal Counts 
  • Medical and Medicine Information 
  • Incoming/Outgoing mail and telephone calls 
  • Much More!

JCS Detention also works with our Statistical Reporting feature to allow Detention Facilities to print detailed reports.

Probation Offices 

JCS Supervision

JCS Supervision allows you to track the probationers in your care, monitor their progress, transfer to other probation officers and release with or without a probation release entry, the choice is yours!

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